20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors

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It’s that time of year again, it’s getting cold and you’re looking to tackle the daunting task of Christmas shopping.

Is there an investor, trader, or finance geek on your holiday shopping list? If so, you might be struggling to think of the perfect gift to get them. Let us reduce some of that holiday stress with this list of great gift ideas.

From books and office decor to investing tools and unique presents, we’ve got something special for any trader or investor.

1. The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors
Source: Amazon

This book is touted as a must-have for anyone interested in investing in the stock market. It is a perfect gift for a beginner trader or investor. Although the book discusses complex ideas, it comes with commentary to make it easier to grasp.

Graham’s proven wisdom and philosophy on value investing makes this book a cornerstone piece in the world of finance. The preface is written by world-famous investor Warren Buffett, who is also a disciple of Graham.

For under $15 this Christmas gift will be cherished by any investor. You could even say this book itself is a fantastic investment with the potential to yield great returns. Buy on Amazon

2. Traditional Bankers Lamp

Source: Amazon

This classy mid-century lamp looks absolutely dashing and provides useful reading light. The nostalgic green shade and brass body make it a sophisticated piece for any desktop. Each time it’s turned on, they’ll remember you for getting them such a great and unique gift.

The lamp is fairly priced, well made and comes with a 12-month warranty. The glass shade is handmade and has the perfect color of green.

The ambiance the lamp creates will fill any investor with joy and encourage them to expand their knowledge. Buy on Amazon.

3. Apple Watch

Source: Amazon

The series 5 Apple Watch is stylish and extremely useful for just about everybody. Investors can use the watch to stay organized, check stock prices and take calls like James Bond. The watch encourages people to stay active with apps that keep track of your health.

Trading and investing involves a lot of studying and working in an office environment. It’s easy to forget about how much you’ve been exercising. This watch will remind you that you’ve been staring at stock charts for 8 hours and need to get off your keister. Buy on Amazon.

4. Bitcoin

The popular cryptocurrency makes for a unique and exciting gift. You can think of it as a modern gift card or potential investment.

Traders that love bitcoin will always appreciate having more. Those that are not fond of crypto will still be pleased to receive some. It’s like giving cash with a modern twist. They can choose to hold it or sell it and get something else.

Buying bitcoin is easier than ever. You’ll get a $10 bonus for signing up with Coinbase and you can easily transfer your bitcoin to any crypto wallet.

5. High-Quality Modern Wallet

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors
Source: Amazon

The Ridge slim metal wallet is very well made, simple, rugged and just plain cool looking. No one wants an old huge wallet that barely fits in their pocket anymore. (Sorry George Costanza). A sleek yet useful wallet like this one makes a perfect stocking stuffer. The wallet is very durable and will easily last a lifetime. Maybe that’s why The Ridge backs it with a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t let its slim appearance fool you, it’s able to hold up to 12 cards and has an innovative cash strap. The RFID blocking technology will keep credit cards and valuable information safe as well. Buy on Amazon.

6. Gold and Silver

Raw precious metals like gold and silver are a perfect gift for any trader or investor. Gold and silver protect wealth from inflation. Investors will love to have a hunk of shiny metal in their stocking. If they would rather have something else, silver and gold can easily be sold for cash.

You can buy one-ounce coins or bars in silver, gold and platinum. You can buy in much larger quantities as well like tubes of coins or 10-ounce bars. Silver Gold Bull offers a huge selection of precious metals and the best price guarantee. Shop now.

7. Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

Source: Amazon

What better way to sip on an old fashioned then with a gorgeous whiskey decanter and glass set! Nothing beats a strong glass of whiskey after a stressful day of trading.

This set will make you feel like you’re a part of the cast of Mad Men.

It is exquisitely designed and has a small price tag. The glass is made of high quality and durable crystal. Its classy design is perfect for the whiskey drinker and stock market investor.

You don’t need to be a whiskey connoisseur to appreciate this gift, but after getting it you may become one. Buy on Amazon

8. Brass Wall Street Bull Statue

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors
Source: Amazon

Probably the greatest office decoration for anyone with a passion for finance. The wall street bull statue is a historic symbol of wealth. Some even say this Fengshui figurine blesses the owner with good luck and prosperity.

The figurine is 100% brass and sculpted by hand. The celebrated bull will look great in any office, home office or bookshelf. It’s a must-have for any financial advisor, day trader or avid investor. Buy on Amazon.

9. Peets Coffee

Source: Peets Coffee

Delicious high-quality coffee is worth its weight in gold. A robust and favorable roast makes for a perfect morning of stock trading. Peets coffee is hands down some of the best coffee available.

They put in the extra effort to source the finest beans in the world. Any investor and coffee drinker will love to have some. Peets offers a wide selection of coffee, teas and more. Shop now.

10. Money Tree

Source: Amazon

Any office looks better with a nice plant! And the Pachira plant known as the “Money Tree” is an excellent choice for an investor. The money tree makes a great Christmas gift because it’s easy to maintain and brings good luck.

The houseplant comes with some folklore as well. Legend has it that a poor farmer in Taiwan became ultra-wealthy after selling the plant.

The money tree not only looks great but it also makes an intriguing conversational piece. Buy on Amazon.

11. MindPanda Stress Relief Balls

Source: Amazon

Stress balls are not just a novelty, they offer a great way to relieve built-up tension. Trading can induce a lot of stress at times and having a motivational ball to squeeze it out can help. The MindPanda Stress Relief Ball Set has 3 different strengths and aromatherapy fragrances.

Squeezing on a stress ball doesn’t just help reduce anxiety, it also provides relief for carpal tunnel. And investors and traders are typically on their computers for very long periods of time. The set also includes a free ’20 Day Stress Less Challenge’ e-book. Buy on Amazon.

12. Is It Monday Yet T-Shirt

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors
Source: Amazon

Avid traders and investors love Mondays. The stock market opens and a full week of trading begins. This t-shirt is funny and will let everyone know you’re a trader.

It’s well made and comfortable as well. Sometimes a nice t-shirt that people can relate to makes for a seamless Christmas gift. Buy on Amazon.

13. Book Safe

Source: Amazon

A book safe can provide a fun and secretive way to stash valuable items. Finance geeks will love to have one and they’re reasonably priced.

This particular book safe is disguised as the “New English Dictionary.” It locks with a combination lock and is great for keeping precious items hidden in plain sight. There is plenty of space inside for cash, coins, passports and more. Buy on Amazon.

14. HP 12C Financial Calculator

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors
Source: Amazon

The classic financial calculator of the 1980s has become a “cult classic” among investors and accountants alike. The handy calculator has built the reputation of being a must-have finance tool. Even with computers, nothing beats a classic like the HP 12C. It’s efficient, durable and perfect for any financial professional or investor. Buy on Amazon.

15. Stock Ticker Neck Tie

Source: Amazon

This fun yet, classy necktie is a slick Christmas present for anyone that wears ties and loves stocks. The tickers represent the tech bubble of the late 90s and early 00s, which may be even more relevant to today’s tech bubble.

The silk tie is made in the good ole U.S.A. and comes in a convenient tin making it ready to gift. Josh Bach is known for making highly fashionable and quality products, this tie is no exception. Buy on Amazon.

16. Monopoly Inspired Motivational Wall Art

Source: Amazon

These colorful and inspirational canvas art posters make a great addition to any office! Investors, traders, finance geeks, they’ll all love this Christmas gift. Each one uses inspiration from the popular game of Monopoly, making them vibrant and unique.

The posters portray a similar message that investors commonly agree with, “The harder you work, the more you’re rewarded.” They’re also made to last a lifetime so you won’t need to worry about getting a poor-quality poster. Buy on Amazon.

17. Apple AirPods

Source: Amazon

Many traders love to listen to their favorite music while trading and researching charts. Music simply makes life better. The Apple AirPods are completely wireless, have long battery life and pack amazing sound quality. With a built-in mic, they make it convenient for important phone calls and accessing Siri.

Apple is known for making quality products and these headphones are built to last. AirPods are extremely popular and make an excellent holiday gift for almost everyone. Buy on Amazon.

18. Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

Source: Amazon

Pocket watches are a classic sign of wealth, they make for a fun decorative piece or a classy fashion statement. This particular pocket watch boasts an elegant design and includes a stand so it can double as a desk clock.

A pocket watch can easily become a timeless family heirloom. It is a nostalgic and thoughtful gift that will be cherished for many years. Mechanical means no batteries required and its size makes it a perfect stocking stuffer. Buy on Amazon.

19. Traditional High Back Executive Office Chair

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Investors
Source: Amazon

Place trades and research stocks in comfort and style with an executive traditional office chair. This chair oozes class and professionalism. Investors and finance geeks alike will love its classic appearance and well thought out design.

A high back executive chair makes the person sitting in it feel as if they are of the utmost importance. This chair is also perfect for making a dramatic debut by slowly turning around and making yourself appear.

Make someone’s Christmas extra special this year and get them the “Gordon Gecko” of chairs. Buy on Amazon.

20. Novelty Money Socks

Source: Amazon

Oh no, socks for Christmas! Yes, that’s right. In the world of finance, one of the most important things is to have fashionable sock wear. You can be sure that any investor will love to unwrap a pair of money socks on Christmas day.

Most folks who work in professional business environments aren’t able to express themselves with how they dress. That’s where fun and stylish novelty socks come in. These socks come with 2 different money designs that are sure to be a hit this holiday season. Buy on Amazon.