About Stocks and Coffee

About Stocks and Coffee

Founded to make the world financially alert.

Stocks and Coffee is an extra-strength investing and personal finance blog. Our goal is to provide valuable content for traders, investors, and anyone interested in finance. You can expect high-quality articles and information to help you learn to trade, become a better trader and make informed financial decisions.

Although the main focus is on trading and investing, this blog also provides motivational, entrepreneurial and self-development articles. This means you don’t have to be a trader or investor to benefit from this site. You will find that there is something here for everyone.

Let’s face it, trading can be psychologically draining and it’s easy for new traders to get discouraged. Staying motivated is a huge part of becoming a success. Most investing blogs are boring, hard to read, and sometimes hard to understand.

Stocks and Coffee aims to help readers stay motivated while providing an easy to understand educated opinion. Such topics include important economic events, stock analysis, trading strategies, personal finance tips, and much more. To get even more out of Stocks and Coffee, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

About the Owner

@duncanmaxfield @duncan_maxfield Duncan Maxfield Investor, Trader, Blogger

My name is Duncan Maxfield, and I’m the guy behind Stocks and Coffee. I am a blogger and trader who loves everything trading and investing. Since early childhood, I’ve had a strong passion for economics, entrepreneurship, and investing. I have over ten years of sales and finance-related work experience. Once I got into trading, it didn’t take me long to realize that I’ve found my true passion.

Throughout my trading career, I’ve noticed a lack of easy to understand investing education. Stocks and Coffee was created to help fill that need. I’ve dedicated my life to learn everything there is regarding financial markets and trading.

While I continuously learn, I also want to teach others along the way. My trading strategy consists of short-term swing trades using different equities and options contracts. I use value investing as a long-term strategy with a strong emphasis on fundamentals.

This caffeinated investing blog will improve your trading skills, keep you motivated, and help you make superior financial decisions.”