What Are the Benefits of Setting Goals?

What are the benefits of setting goals? Success and motivation.

“Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there.” – Bo Jackson

Becoming a success in life is seldom by accident. No matter what you hear, setting goals is an important part of becoming successful.

It requires commitment, appropriate planning, and follow through. You should know that setting goals is powerful and has several useful benefits.

Employers harp on setting goals for a reason. It’s proven to increase efficiency and productivity. It is a common practice in schools, workplaces, sales, and sports.

When it comes to setting personal goals, it’s usually only brought up during New Years. But you don’t need to wait for a holiday to start planning what you want to achieve. This article goes over 5 marvelous benefits of setting goals.


Having trouble staying motivated? Well, setting some short and long-term goals can give you instant motivation. Once you achieve some of your short-term goals, you will feel accomplished and motivated to keep going.

Having goals gives you purpose, a reason to get out of bed, and something to strive for. Without goals, it’s easy to become unmotivated and unenthused about life.

Envisioning yourself completing the goals you set is very motivating. When you set goals, you’re forcing yourself to think about what you want. When you think about what you want, you are automatically more motivated to get it. 

Some goals are more motivating than others. Be realistic about the goals you set and remind yourself of the reasons why you set them.

Realistic goals are more achievable and will keep you from getting discouraged. The motivation you get from setting and completing goals will continue to fuel your desire for success.

Improves focus

Staying focused isn’t always easy.  Having clear and specific goals will help improve your overall concentration. When you set a goal, you are aligning your self-conscious to focus on it.

In order to control your attention, you must discipline yourself. By setting goals you help strengthen your discipline.

Without any goals, it’s difficult to stay focused and finish important objectives. How are you supposed to be focused if you don’t know what your goals are?  

At work, you have deadlines or set times that you need to finish an assigned project. While at work, you know what is expected of you. The expectations and deadlines that are set keep you focused on doing your work.

Why not use the same principles in your own life? Setting goals (deadlines) telling yourself what you want to achieve (expectations) will align your focus in your personal life just as it does in your professional life.

Reduce stress

Life can be very stressful. Being an adult comes with many obligations, rules, and responsibilities. There is constant pressure to act or be a certain way that’s determined by society.

Stress is unquestionably one of the worst things to deal with. Fortunately, one of the great benefits of setting goals is that it’s an effective stress reliever. You may not think goal setting is an actual way to manage stress, but it is, and here’s why. 

Goals keep you looking forward, they help you drown out negative thoughts, doubt, and undesirable noise. Anxiety will easily take over if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing.

Many people stress out simply because they have no guidance, they haven’t taken the time to think about what they really want.  

Setting goals makes you focus on your vision. It helps you keep track of your progress and know where you’re heading. Additionally, you don’t have to question what your ambitions are. Without goals, you won’t know what to expect, making you more vulnerable to stress and anxiety.

Achieve more

Once you complete a goal, you aim higher for your next. That’s the beauty of it! You make progress and keep striving for further improvement. The sense of accomplishment you get from each achievement pushes you to do more. Setting goals helps you stay motivated, focused, and less stressed.

When you are motivated and focused you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible. 

Like discussed earlier, be specific and realistic. If a goal feels out of reach, start smaller and build your way there. But never give up.

Without the use of goals, an accomplishment isn’t planned, so you aren’t really thinking about your next step. Setting goals is similar to walking up a flight of stairs, each step (goal) takes you higher until you reach the top. You will most definitely achieve more when you set goals and complete them.

Provides direction

Millions of people on this earth are drifting aimlessly about with no direction in life. Don’t be a sheep that’s easily led by the shepherd. Take control of your life by setting some goals.

You’ll get to make your own path and get where you want.  The more specific your goals, the better direction they give. 

If you don’t tell yourself and the universe what you want, you’ll end up getting whatever’s lying around. The kind of life that’s randomly just lying around is usually not the kind of life you want.   

A life with no direction and no goals is one that’s filled with stress, anxiety and wasted years. Goals can define the type of person you become or want to become. 

If you’re going to write a book, the very first thing you have to decide is what the book is going to be about. Then you must choose how you are going to write it. Setting goals helps you understand what you want your life to be about, and gives directions on how to get it. 

Final thoughts

You can think of setting goals like planning to travel to a desired destination. In order to get there, you must first walk, then drive, and maybe fly, then walk some more.

You’ll never really go in a straight line and there is usually some delays and detours. But eventually, you’ll arrive and be where you wanted. You should now see how powerful and life-changing the benefits of setting goals are.