Streaming Is the New Cable TV

Streaming Is the New Cable TV

The streaming world has taken over, leaving cable and satellite providers in the dust. I say good riddance. Cable is mostly overpriced junk, filled with non-stop annoying advertisements.

Streaming has become a television savior for the consumer. It offers a cheap monthly price with no commitment and best of all no ads!

Data published by Deloitte earlier this year found that 69% of consumers pay for a streaming service, and only 65% pay for cable or satellite.

Back in 2009 only 10% of consumers paid for a streaming service. That’s a huge increase!

There Are Too Many Streaming Providers

Most consumers use or at least started with Netflix. The streaming giant has been king for the last 10 years, but that’s starting to change.

Hulu and Amazon Prime are chipping away at Netflix and now many other services are joining the party.

It’s not just a couple more streaming choices, it’s a whole hell of a lot.

Here is a list of some of the existing and upcoming streaming services:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Disney
  • ESPN
  • Sling TV
  • Youtube TV
  • Apple TV
  • HBO Max
  • AT&T TV
  • Showtime
  • Peacock TV (NBC)
  • CBS All Access
  • Discovery/BBC

You can add to that list a streaming service from AMC. The company announced a service called “AMC Theaters On Demand” just this week.

That’s a lot of choices and you may only want to watch one or two shows from each service.

Just like cable, you’ll be paying for something that you’re not fully using.

We’ve Gone Full Circle

If you want to please everyone in your household, chances are you’ll have to pay for more than one streaming service.

The streaming services that once offered a huge variety of great films and television hits are starting to disintegrate and break into pieces.

Streaming providers remind me more of paid channels like you would get with cable.

Welcome to Cable 2.0

Netflix isn’t enough anymore, especially once “The Office” and “Friends” leave the platform. You’ll need to get Peacock TV and HBO Max if you want to continue watching them.

Instead of getting both for $8.99 a month you’ll be paying $14.99 for HBO MAX plus whatever NBC decides to charge.

You can still stick with just Netflix if you want, but there “Netflix Originals” are known for being garbage.

At this point, is it time to ditch TV altogether and start reading? Less screen time is always good and you’ll save you some extra cash. But the truth is Americans love movies and television. It’s a habit hardly anyone is willing to quit.

It’s sad, but Netflix and chill won’t ever be the same. Instead, get ready to pay more and chill.