How to Use Your Smartphone Wisely

How to Use Your Smartphone Wisely

The invention of the smartphone has been both a blessing and a curse. Most Americans have one, and they’re commonly used every day for hours on end. The devices are very helpful in many ways, but they can also turn into a massive waste of time.

For most people, their smartphone is a way to stay entertained or informed on the go. It’s easy to get distracted with all that information in the palm of your hand. So, how can you use your smartphone wisely?

There are several ways you can unlock the powers of your smartphone and use it more wisely. The most basic way is to limit its use for entertainment. This includes cutting down the time spent on social media, games, and other unproductive areas.

There are more in-depth ways to use your phone wisely, like learning new skills and even making money. Entrepreneurs, business people, and those looking to be more productive can easily implement these tips.

Eliminate Time Wasters

Start to monitor your smartphone habits and assess what is a good use of your time and what is not. Looking at memes, watching funny videos, and browsing social media is a huge time waster. Sure, you don’t have to cut it out completely, but you should limit it as much as possible.

Browsing all the crazy shit that’s on the web is addicting, and it makes the hours melt away. The endorphin hit you get every time someone likes your selfie is also quite addictive. According to a survey done by GWI, people are spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes every day on social media.

Teens and young adults are on social media, even more, averaging about 3 hours per day. The amount of time spent on social media is likely to increase and this data doesn’t include general web browsing either.

How to Use Your Smartphone Wisely

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Another time-waster is mobile games. I’ve fallen prey to getting hooked on a mobile game, and it ate up a ton of my time. The game was fun, but after a while, I grew tired of it and realized I’m not accomplishing anything in the real world by playing it.

The pay to play games can even drain your wallet. If you’re trying to use your smartphone wisely, stay away from mobile games and mindless media.

Learn New Skills

If you choose to avoid the junk that’s on the web and social media, you can switch your focus to learning. YouTube offers hours of educational videos that can teach you just about everything. Another great resource is blogs, just like the one you are reading now.

Replace the 2 and half hours of social media with learning new skills instead, and you’ll be far ahead of the average person.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, here is a list of skills that you can learn on your phone.

  • Learn to write
  • Learn to code
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Learn about personal finance
  • Learn graphic design
  • Learn to trade stocks
  • Learn about marketing
  • Learn Microsoft Excel

This list is just a few of the many great skills you can learn online using your smartphone. An infinite amount of knowledge and information is in the palm of your hand, use it wisely.

Apps to Help Stay Productive and Organized

My smartphone is like my own personal digital assistant. It tells me what groceries I need, what I have to get done, tells me when I need to go to sleep, and when I need to wake up.

Smartphones can easily be turned into a digital organizer and super productivity tool just by utilizing the right apps. Most of them come already installed.

Here is a list of apps that can help get your life organized and keep you productive.

  • Calendar (use it for important appointments etc.)
  • A reminder or To-do list app. I use the Reminder app on the iPhone but there are tons of similar apps just like it. I have a couple of reminder lists. One for groceries and things I need to buy, one for long-term tasks I need to accomplish or be reminded of, and one for daily tasks that I want to complete during the present day.
  • Book or E-Reader App. Although I prefer to do most of my reading with physical books, there are still a ton of books stored on my phone. Many great books can be found online and are super easy to download.
  • A budget/spending tracker app. I use a simple one called “Spending Tracker.” Spending trackers are a great tool for improving your finances.
  • Note/Writing app. A lot of people use Evernote, but I prefer the built-in notes app on the iPhone.
  • Alarm app. iPhones have a bedtime scheduler. You get a reminder when you need to get to bed and an alarm when you need to wake up. It’s simple and effective and helps you make sure you get the right amount of sleep.
  • A Music app, this could be Spotify, Pandora, etc. I just listen to the music I have downloaded on my phone since I already own a bunch. Having tunes helps to boost your motivation and productivity.
  • Indeed app. The job posting app is great to have, even if you’re already happily employed. You never know when things can change, and it is a good idea to have a sense of the current job market.

Make Money with Your Smartphone

Making money with your smartphone is a popular subject. A lot of blogs will have a list of goofy survey apps or illegitimate apps that aren’t really worth the effort. You can definitely make some serious cash with your smartphone, but it will require much effort and patience.

Below is a list of legitimate ways you can earn money with your smartphone.

  • Investing and trading. I do 90% of my trading on my phone and it’s extremely convenient. Every broker worth its salt has a mobile app these days. Here are some of our favorite trading and investing apps.
  • Flipping used and new items. Make use of that fancy camera by snapping photos of things you can sell. Post items on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or craigslist.
  • Become a Social Media Influencer. This one is tough, and it’s a bit oversaturated but still doable. Focus on building a large active following on social media then monetize with sponsorships and affiliates.

The sky is the limit. A smartphone is a very useful tool for the entrepreneur or side hustler. Be creative, and you’ll find a way to turn your phone into a money-making machine.

Final Thoughts

Using your smartphone wisely means you’re not just using it to entertain yourself. Smartphones are powerful tools that can help unlock a lot of great opportunities if you use it wisely. You can learn new skills, read books, create a business, invest in stocks, and so much more. People may already know this but think there isn’t enough time. There is always enough time if you prioritize what you want out of life.